Founding Fathers and Alcohol

For some reason this amuses me.  Call it ironic, interesting, whatever.  May create some confusion among many Christ-Americans.

The Spirits of Our Forefathers

Were the Founding Fathers Alcoholics

Drink Like a Founding Father

If you follow the traditions of our holy, godly, and chosen Founding Fathers, please celebrate Memorial Day responsibly.


6 thoughts on “Founding Fathers and Alcohol

  1. Aren’t we a Christian nation, founded by Christians? Didn’t the Constituation fall from heaven? 😉
    just some reductio ad absurdam. just my impression that we place those men on too much of a Christian pedestal, considering they were deists and pro-rebellion.

  2. Allan Miller

    True, I’ve heard similar sentiments (to the first two – not the last, of course) but it seems to me that most of the self-proclaimed Christian world barely frowns upon occasional alcohol consumption so I just assumed your intended audience would have been the flavor of Christians who would be more likely to caveat statements like “we’re a Christian nation, founded by Christians” with something like “although not all our founders were devout believers, it’s pretty clear that Judeo-Christian values heavily influenced their decisions and the writing of the constitution.”

  3. plus, I strongly feel that we have been fighting the wrong battles these last 50 years while materialism and nationalism have run rampant

  4. Allan Miller

    I assume you mean physical battles (wars) and I would agree for the most part. Although I don’t believe Nationalism is much of a problem in the United States compared to most other nations. In my experience, most of the people in other (developed) nations are more exclusive or nationalist than we are in general. Admittedly, though, my experience is limited to Canadians, Central Europeans (DE, FR, AU, GB), Asians (SK, JP), and Middle Eastern People. We do more to go out of our way to accept other cultures/beliefs/identities than any of them do and we’re far, far more self-critical than they are (in general). I see materialism as simply greed which is rampant everywhere all the time – we just happen to have the material with which to be materialistic…everyone else would be the same if they had made as much economic progress in so little time as we had. It’s national growing pains, IMO. I also think that the “heroification” of our historical figures is detrimental but I notice that we (as a people) tend to take pains to clarify and self-criticize (not critique…just criticize, which I think is often what causes seemingly nationalistic backlashes), too.

  5. I was actually referring to battles waged by the church about various false doctrines. And while your right about nationalism being a problem in a lot of places and our tolerance, what bothers me about ours (besides it’s our country) is the syncretism and use of God to promote America/American interests, or using America to promote God. I am kinda/sorta pro-separation of church and state but on the other end. I think it’s an unhealthy mixture that just hurts the church

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