Photo Phriday: Prionid Conspiracy

female prionid beetle found INSIDE our house a month ago

In God We Don’t Trust

“What happened in colonial and revolutionary America has become part of American Christian saga, the collective memory of American Christians that gets passed from generation to generation.

What happened in the past is also pivotal for examining future issues.  What does it teach us about resolving problems?  When issues arise, do we immediately reach for our guns?  Or do we work through such issues in a manner worthy of the Prince of Peace?  If we hold up men and women who didn’t trust God as examples to our children, how then are we going to teach our children to trust in God?

However, the point is this:  if we cover over and glorify the sins of the forefathers, then we and our children are never going to learn to truly trust in God.  Rather, we’ll imagine that so long as we put “In God We Trust” on our coins, we’re on the right track.”


David Bercot, p. 10-11

In God We Don’t Trust