Body and Spirit

The Division between body and soul, so familiar to the classical Greek world, was foreign to the Hebrew mind where the nepes—the self, the whole person—was an undissolvable composite of body and spirit.  Thus for Paul, resurrection included the resurrection of the body, which he defined as a “spiritual body” (1 Cor 15:44).


It follows that there is no “spiritual gospel” that can be endorsed in isolation from the reality of the physical world that God created, called “good” and into which he placed human beings.  This combination of the spiritual and the physical and its relationship to God is at the heart of the teachings of Jesus.  For example, the Lord’s Prayer includes a request for the gift of bread.

Kenneth Bailey, p. 298, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes  (The Parable of the Rich Fool)


One thought on “Body and Spirit

  1. This is a very important concept to grasp. Even Christians accept the dualistic flesh vs spirit argument too much. Jesus saves the whole person.

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