Books, Books, and More Books

Having two Library Sales sandwiched around my birthday has led to buying too many books.  Well, there are just too many good ones that I hope to read; and someday I may not have any money to buy books so I am storing up.

First, some fiction:

American Supernatural Tales:  anthology that includes Bloch, Bradbury, Lovecraft, King, Shirley Jackson, etc.
Yiddish Short Stories

Non-fiction, non-religious (not irreligious, mind you):

This is your Brain on Music by Daniel Levitin(seems to be a neat combo of neurology and music)
Writing on Both Sides of the Brain by Henriette Anne Klauser ( I wonder if she is German.  the chapter on procrastination was worth more than the $1 I paid for the book)
The World of Caffeine


St Teresa of Avila by Medwick
Soul Work by Randy Harris
Plain Living: A Quaker Path to Simplicity by Whitmire
Not a Fan
Repenting of Religion by Greg Boyd
Down to the River to Pray by John Mark Hicks
A Gathered People by JMH +
Bonhoeffer Bio by Metaxas (for $10 !!)
In God We Don’t Trust by David Bercot

Now if I only had some time to read!

Trying to finish “Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes” by Bailey, hope to get back into Sherlock, and started “Forgotten God” by Chan and Bercot’s book comparing the Founding Fathers/colonials to Scripture.

What are you reading?


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