Colonists vs Native Americans, Rd 3

“One agricultural disadvantage of tobacco is that it rapidly depletes the soil.  Rather than organically restoring the soil, most Virginia planters simply abandoned the land once it was spent.”

“Before long, there wasn’t enough land for both the white settlers and the Indians. This forced the Powhatan Indians to move their settlements…”

“Finally the Powhatans had no place left to move.  These Indians had been willing to coexist with a few hundred white settlers. But once settlers kept coming by the thousands, the Powhatans realized that they were going to be shoved out of existence if they didn’t do something.”

“So these Indians finally decided to fight back to avoid annihilation.  In 1622, a new Powhatan chief led a well-coordinated series of surprise attacks on several English settlements….they killed 347 colonists…”

“After agreeing on a truce with the Indians, the English colonists proposed a toast to seal the peace agreement.  They knew the Indians had a strong thirst for white man’s liquor.  But on this occasion they lace the liquor with poison.  After drinking the poisoned liquor 200 Indians fell dead.  The settlers then slaughtered 50 more of them.

Not content to stop there, the Virgina settlers started an organized campaign against the Powhatans.”

The European settlers consistently pushed their way into Indian territory, forcing them to move, and then considered it self-defense to kill them when the Indians got fed up.  Our history books talk about how violent and war-like the Natives were, but that wasn’t always the case and definitely not the whole story.

Also, remember which of these groups claimed to be “Christian.”


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