Let’s Write a Book Together!

I only have a subtitle so far:  “The 21st Century American Church and its Sense of Entitlement”

So, we need a snazzy and short Title.

And what would the chapters contain?


3 thoughts on “Let’s Write a Book Together!

  1. churches in America, some Christians who have gotten lazy thanks to all our freedoms. we are wimps b/c we don’t have to suffer. Sure, it’s a generalization. don’t take it personal, but it exists. Every time Christians expect to be able to pray in school, speak the truth without anyone complaining………

  2. Suggested titles:

    1. ‘Jesus Loves Me’

    2. ‘The Middle-Class Majority’

    3. ‘The Greatest Generation’

    Hmm…Maybe these jokes are too subtle. I give up.

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