Sinatra and the Decline of US Civilization

I am not a huge Sinatra fan but for 99 cents I will definitely buy a 22-song Greatest Hits compilations of one of the greatest.  As I enjoyed the music I noticed a few shocking things.  I was kinda surprised by some lyrics and content.  This was the 50s and 60s, right?  Maybe the Golden Age wasn’t so innocent and pure….

“Luck be a Lady” has some innuendo that doesn’t require a dirty mind to catch

So, is your favorite town Chicago or New York, Frank??  Make up your mind.  I mean, this is the type of post-modern, wishy-washy, no absolutes thinking we have come to expect from the current generation.  But in the 50s?

“Bewitched” is obviously about the occult.  I hear that if you play it in reverse, you hear, “Happy Birthday, Mr. Crowley.”

Hedonism runs through many hits:

  • “The Good Life “
  • “Drinking Again”
  • “Strangers in the Night”
  • “exotic booze” mentioned in “Come fly with me.”
  • More drinking in “The Best is Yet to Come”

“Call Me Irresponsible” Really?  “Unreliable, Undependable”?  If the Greatest Generation had been any of these we would be speaking German right now!

“Nothing but the Best” preaches materialism.

And “My Way”  An ode to selfishness, ego, individualism.


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