Humiliation and Humility

Which act of Humility impresses or affects you the most?

The Birth of Christ and its circumstances or His Death on the Cross?


Morning Playlist

I have a playlist on my MP3 thingy to encourage and remind me in the mornings.  I have listened to it days and weeks in a row, but I have also gone weeks without listening, even forgetting about it.  It helps a lot.  It focuses me when my morning fog has yet to lift.

Do you have a song or playlist you listen to every morning?   Please share in the comments if you do.  I might add it to my list.

My Morning Playlist:

  1. More Love, More Power by Michael W Smith
  2. Made to Love by Toby Mac
  3. Forever by Pray for Rain
  4. How Many Kings by Downhere
  5. In Me by Rebecca St James (about God dwelling in me with power)
  6. The Motions by Matthew West
  7. Jesus, Friend of Sinners by Casting Crowns
  8. Merry-Go-Round by Pray for Rain (about purpose in life)
  9. Hungry (Falling on my Knees) by Kathryn Scott
  10. Hands in the Air by Waiting  (about struggling with God)
  11. Lead Me by Sanctus Real ( a great song for Dads/Husbands)

Tis the Season….for Jesus Junk

Oriental Trading and your neighborhood Christian Book store provide a good service.  We have used both for VBS and our children’s ministries throughout the year. But………….

Flipping through a magazine or walking through a store can send me into fits of alternating laughter/ridicule and repulsion/nausea.

Is it my personality?  My cynical generation?  Or is there just too much mass produced “Jesus Junk” in America and it means something? Does it represent something negative or ugly about American Christianity or am I thinking too much?

I don’t think you are bad for liking this stuff, but it just ain’t my cup of Christian herbal tea served in a mug with a scripture on it.

I wonder what Jesus would do if he walked through a Christian book store…..

Anyway, here are some things you might buy (if you don’t puke):

  • p. 25-“Joy to the World” Paddleball Game–(because nothing celebrates the birth of the Messiah like hand/eye coordination)
  • p. 46-“Plush Long Arm Religious Gorillas”–(religious because they have a cross on their chest, that sounds about right in America c. 2013)
  • p. 47-“Mini Cross-Shaped Suckers” –(this kind of stuff really annoys me.  I am not opposed to cross jewelry or tattoos, but find it ironic that most are soft, shiny, and pretty or in this case, lickable sugar!!)
  • p. 48-“Religious Cross Kick Balls” –( really?! For a hackey-sack ministry, maybe?  Do I get a youth minister discount?)
  • p. 49-“NEW! Inspirational Relaxables” -(“stress-relieving” squeezable ball thing with “faith” “believer” “hope” printed on them;  I guess meditating on Scripture isn’t getting the job done)