Tis the Season….for Jesus Junk

Oriental Trading and your neighborhood Christian Book store provide a good service.  We have used both for VBS and our children’s ministries throughout the year. But………….

Flipping through a magazine or walking through a store can send me into fits of alternating laughter/ridicule and repulsion/nausea.

Is it my personality?  My cynical generation?  Or is there just too much mass produced “Jesus Junk” in America and it means something? Does it represent something negative or ugly about American Christianity or am I thinking too much?

I don’t think you are bad for liking this stuff, but it just ain’t my cup of Christian herbal tea served in a mug with a scripture on it.

I wonder what Jesus would do if he walked through a Christian book store…..

Anyway, here are some things you might buy (if you don’t puke):

  • p. 25-“Joy to the World” Paddleball Game–(because nothing celebrates the birth of the Messiah like hand/eye coordination)
  • p. 46-“Plush Long Arm Religious Gorillas”–(religious because they have a cross on their chest, that sounds about right in America c. 2013)
  • p. 47-“Mini Cross-Shaped Suckers” –(this kind of stuff really annoys me.  I am not opposed to cross jewelry or tattoos, but find it ironic that most are soft, shiny, and pretty or in this case, lickable sugar!!)
  • p. 48-“Religious Cross Kick Balls” –( really?! For a hackey-sack ministry, maybe?  Do I get a youth minister discount?)
  • p. 49-“NEW! Inspirational Relaxables” -(“stress-relieving” squeezable ball thing with “faith” “believer” “hope” printed on them;  I guess meditating on Scripture isn’t getting the job done)



2 thoughts on “Tis the Season….for Jesus Junk

  1. Ancient Wanderer

    You missed one- bloggers that claim a level of spirituality just because they are “prophets” and have bible resources links 🙂

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