Silence Retreat-Day 3

There are some really hot-looking nuns here.  I was surprised.  I mean, probably not attractive enough to make it into one of the “Babes of St. Benedict’s” calenders to raise money for Catholic Charities, but impressive.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a couple who seem to have taken a Vow of Ugly.

You know those people who talk and talk and talk on the phone and it’s hard to even say a word.  There’s a guy here like that.  Except we aren’t supposed to talk so he is constantly make hand gestures and facial expressions.  Very annoying.

(First of all, these posts are jokes.  Secondly, they were scheduled before I left town, so I cannot reply or approve comments.  If your sense of humor can’t handle weird stuff, it’s probably too late.)


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