Silence Retreat-Day 4

Apparently, talking to yourself aloud is not even allowed.  It must have been in the fine print.

Of course, being raised Church of Christ means I am not too familiar with these types of Spirituality and Disciplines.

The core Spiritual Disciplines of Churches of Christ are:

  • Bible Study
  • Not Sinning
  • Judging Others
  • Bible Study
  • Worshipping without Instruments

So, I didn’t realize how often I talk to myself.  Being quiet is even tough for this Introvert.  I prayed through the local white pages yesterday, then went for a walk.  If I can find a secluded place on the grounds, I can talk to myself more. It is not appreciated in the dining hall or hallways.

Also, whistling and humming is discouraged.  Probably because the monks have never heard Metallica whistled before.

(First of all, these posts are jokes.  Secondly, they were scheduled before I left town, so I cannot reply or approve comments.  If your sense of humor can’t handle weird stuff, why are you here?)


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