Silence Retreat-Day 5

Wow.  This is getting hard!

Can’t remember the last time I went this long without TV, internet, Facebook, and Twitter, or talking to human beings.

I am trying to imagine what Alex Baze and Weird Al might be tweeting right now.

Have they selected a new Pope yet?  Have there been anymore storms?  Is there any Kardashian or Beyonce news?????

My mind is playing tricks on me after not talking and not enjoying media of any kind for  days.

I hate that I am missing the new episodes of Alf and MASH.

I hope my twins and our pet rabbit are okay back home. and what’s-her-name….

Did the Cubs really win the NL pennant or was that a hallucination? Maybe it was a prophetic vision……

Is it bad that I named my ink pens and created backstories for all 8 of them?

Did Benedict and Loyola and Randy have these problems?

(First of all, these posts are jokes.  Secondly, they were scheduled before I left town, so I cannot reply or approve comments.  If your sense of humor can’t handle weird stuff, why are you here?)


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