Photo Friday




So glad it’s baseball season. Only one week away!  It’s laid-back.  It’s only slow and boring if you feel you have to watch every pitch.  Just enjoy it in the background.  I do a lot with the Mets games on the radio.  Here are some picks and predictions:

Division Winners

NL West:  SF Giants
NL Central:  Cincinnati
NL East:  Atlanta Braves
NL Wildcards: Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals

NL MVP:  Justin Upton
NL CY Young:  Jordan Zimmerman
NL ROY: Travis D’Arnaud

AL West:  Seattle Mariners
AL Central:  Detroit Tigers
AL East:  Tampa Bay Rays
AL Wildcards:  KC Royals, TX Rangers

AL MVP:  Adrian Beltre
AL CY Young:  Felix Hernandex
AL ROY:  Jonathan Schoop

World Series

Washington Nationals over the Tampa Bay Rays

Holy Spirit Prayer

This was on the wall at the retreat center I stayed at last month.  I stopped to read it each time I passed by. It has become my favorite prayer outside of the Bible:

Come, Holy Spirit,
breathe down upon our troubled world.
Shake the tired foundations of our crumbling institutions.
Break the rules that keep you out of our sacred spaces.
And from the dust and rubble, gather up the seedlings of a new creation.

Come, Holy Spirit,
enflame once more the dying embers of our weariness.
Shake us out of our complacency.
Whisper our names once more, and scatter your gifts of grace with wild abandon.
Break open the prisons of our inner being and let your raging justice be our sign of liberty.

Come, Holy Spirit,
and lead us to places we would rather not go;
Expand the horizons of our limited imaginations.
Awaken in our souls dangerous dreams for a New tomorrow and rekindle in our hearts the fire of prophetic enthusiasm.

Come, Holy Spirit,
whose justice outwits international conspiracy;
Whose light outshines spiritual bigotry,
Whose peace can overcome the destructive potential of warfare,
Whose promise invigorates our every effort to create a new heaven and a new earth,
Now and forever.


Diarmuid O’Murchu

(Had to google the words to find the author.)

Spring Training and Lord of the Rings

I am enjoying Spring Training and excited about another season of baseball:  real and fantasy.

In honor of the annual rites of Spring, here is a lineup consisting of real names of baseball players that could be mistaken for J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings characters.  I will let you decide if they are evil monsters or heros.








OF–Yasiel Puig