So glad it’s baseball season. Only one week away!  It’s laid-back.  It’s only slow and boring if you feel you have to watch every pitch.  Just enjoy it in the background.  I do a lot with the Mets games on the radio.  Here are some picks and predictions:

Division Winners

NL West:  SF Giants
NL Central:  Cincinnati
NL East:  Atlanta Braves
NL Wildcards: Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals

NL MVP:  Justin Upton
NL CY Young:  Jordan Zimmerman
NL ROY: Travis D’Arnaud

AL West:  Seattle Mariners
AL Central:  Detroit Tigers
AL East:  Tampa Bay Rays
AL Wildcards:  KC Royals, TX Rangers

AL MVP:  Adrian Beltre
AL CY Young:  Felix Hernandex
AL ROY:  Jonathan Schoop

World Series

Washington Nationals over the Tampa Bay Rays


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