Kurt Cobain

Was a big Nirvana fan.  Made punk mainstream, seriously affected music/rock and roll.  I know rock history includes lots of other bands from Seattle and from this genre, but Nirvana came to represent the movement and for me, defines a shift in the 90s.

Been 19 years since he died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. (just saw today that conspiracy theories abound blaming Courtney Love, his wife)

Read what my college roommate and friend, John, wrote a couple of summers ago HERE.

One of my fav songs by them:


We’re moving!

Well, I have been sitting on some news.  We haven’t really made an announcement other than tell the church and family plus a few friends.

I resigned from Echo Lake the first Sunday in February.  We have been here nine years and love the people and the area but are ready to move on.  I am admittedly, worn-out, burnt-out, and tired.

I will be pursuing a Masters in Counseling while taking a break from pulpit ministry.   I have wanted to work on a counseling degree in recent years but doing it while still preaching (even online) just wasn’t feasible.  Our first choice is David Lipscomb and Nashville, TN.  The program includes licensure (upon completion, I will be an L.P.C.–Licensed Professional Counselor) and I may look for a preaching position after finishing or a counseling job.  It will be a three year program.

The congregation was disappointed and surprised when we told them but were understanding and encouraging.  We will remain here until the end of June.  One of our good brothers will be the interim minister while the church looks for the next preacher.

We are excited about the future and at peace with the decision.  We look forward to being closer to much of our family.  We are glad to have friends already in Nashville. I am really excited about school.  Psychology has always been an interest and my ministry experiences have led me to this decision.  Marisa and I have talked and prayed about it since last Summer.

The kids took the news well and are also excited about Tennesse.

We appreciate your prayers during this crazy time of transition.  Packing up and moving is hard enough, but saying good-byes in June will not be fun.

We are already looking for a place to live in Nashville area, so if you know of anything…

Also, pray that we find the right church family.  This is not as urgent time-wise as the roof over our head, but WAY more important.