Drowning (1996)

And I stood in the sea in the water to my knees

And the sand between my toes and the stars in my eyes

Forward gently I wade into the sweeping waves

Knowing that if they take me

I may have to swim for days

But the wind blows on my back,

I can’t turn around

And the water swirls deeper, pulling me down

My legs still dry by my own command

It’s getting much harder, much harder to stand

The answer invades and elicits a frown

I must go on, I have to drown

And to fill my lungs with the ocean’s surge

It’s the only way to kill my landlocked urge

Satiation only will save my flesh

And submission my soul.

(got the idea in a Bible class at Estes Church of Christ to compare submission to intentional drowning.  kinda creepy, but I think you get the point)


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