Racism. Come on, America!

A friend in Jackson TN

Conversation overheard in the Post Office while waiting in line: Two Caucasian ladies were discussing a power outage when an African American lady speaks up and says, yeah I live one street over, and I lost power too.” When she moved to the counter, the one Caucasian lady says to the other one, “I didn’t know I had any of them near me.” The other lady replies, “I have a Japanese, Two Mexicans, and a Black on my street. Just all kinds moving in. It’s like they’re just taking over.”

Cross burning in GA–Really!!?!?!!

Checking a house for rent in Suburban Nashville, a sweet middle-aged christian (church of Christ) neighbor tried to delicately tell us that the school system was lily white, and she fumbled through some terrible expressions, apologizing for a few.  Sigh.

I know it’s everywhere, but at least in NJ people are more likely to have been exposed to different cultures, races, religions, and personally know individuals so it’s more difficult to have a cartoonish concept of any group of people.

Pray that I don’t play along with sinful culture, and can lovingly speak the truth when it comes to people created in God’s Image.


11 thoughts on “Racism. Come on, America!

  1. It shocks me to hear that some people still think and speak (out loud!) in that manner. I grew up in NJ and was sometimes stunned by what relatives of mine would say (some that grew up in the south). I doubt you will be swayed by the atmosphere around you in this regard; I still feel the same way I did, even after being in SW Virginia for 13 years. It seems like time will change their opinions, but I wouldn’t have thought it would take this long for Christians. I would love to be able to think quick enough to make people feel bad when they say stuff like your neighbor did.

  2. annie5white

    Unfortunately, this is the kind of thing I hear too often. I even know MANY members in the church who say it’s unbiblical to marry outside one’s race. *cue eye-roll*

  3. Reading this makes me so grateful for the upbringing I’ve had – growing up in a nice area of southern England, I’ve never seen racism first hand and hope I never had to.

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