Pros and Cons

What I am looking Forward to

  • southern food
  • being close to family
  • classes, school
  • reconnecting with old friends
  • making new friends
  • visiting sites, history of  TN with kids
  • being able to focus on worshipping instead of preaching

What I am NOT looking forward to

  • saying goodbye and leaving some good people and friends
  • Bible Belt culture
  • loading and unloading
  • my kids’ school starting at an ungodly 7:15 AM
  • TN Summer and TN Winter:  too hot and not enough snow
  • church shopping
  • spiders

3 thoughts on “Pros and Cons

  1. I live in the Atlanta area. I don’t understand what you “fear” about Bible Belt culture… We kill and fry too many chickens? Lots of pretty country and nice folks in Tennessee – and no income tax!

    I understand you on school start times. My daughter (special needs) gets on her bus at 6:40 am. That is crazy.

  2. hey I am from KY so not a south Hater. I like Lynard Skynard AND Neil Young. you are right, lots of good people.
    just some tradition, baggage, infighting, that I haven’t had to put up with much in the last 10 years.

    so calm down and lower your rebel flag and put away your guns. 🙂

  3. No rebel flag or guns here. I’m from Ohio and Florida originally. Been in Georgia over 20 years, though. A very friendly place compared to places I have traveled.

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