A Distant Flame (a poem)

A faint fire burns on a distant hill

a long journey with winds never still

a forest and valley demon-full

but the thought of warmth…pulls.


It has been many miles since I last felt the flame

And may be many more til I see it again

The joy of freedom slowly subsides

Once more to be captured fills my mind.


My need for heat I half-heartedly fight

But the temperature’s dropping night after night

How long must I wait to reach the next peak?

How long is each night when I cannot sleep?


I hope she’s as far from the fire as I

Yet the light of the flame glistens her eye

And leads her through a thorny field

And I pray her quest will never yield.


On some frozen evening by fire’s light

With both the precious hill in sight

May we warm ourselves in love’s golden glow

And on our journey together go.


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