Christian Seeking Church

Well, “church-shopping” is not one of the things I am excited about with this transition but view it as maybe the most important thing we will do.

For better or worse, there are options.  What’s important?  What’s not?  What can we do without?  What is a deal-breaker?

Some deal-breakers for me would be:

  • too much patriotism and politics in the assembly
  • believing in the “word only” heresy concerning the Holy Spirit
  • divisive/attacking mentality towards other churches and sinner groups

Things I am looking for:

  • small groups.  so many congregations in Nashville are large, hope to find a smaller group for support/encouragement
  • Shepherds who are mature, prayerful, wise and involved in helping the congregation know Jesus better
  • men’s group.  besides brothers I already know, I hope to have godly men to pray with, not just to watch a game or play ball
  • total honesty:  a church big enough that doesn’t need my wife or I to teach or lead.  will get around to it, but need a break to be fed

Many things are obvious such as friendliness, Christ-focus, evangelistic and accepting of the outcasts, etc.  I also hope it doesn’t take too long to find a place where we all feel comfortable.

What do you look for, or what would you look for if selecting a church home??


2 thoughts on “Christian Seeking Church

  1. We needed to move a few years back. I can offer some of our ruminations, though they are quite specific to our family.
    – ministry for special needs children. This is was most important and difficult. Our former church was not going to do much with our daughter because of liability reasons (no lifting, feeding, etc.). Our new church has really embraced her.
    – Bible-centric from the pulpit. Not opinion-based or just anecdotes. We require a firm commitment to the Scriptures.
    – purposeful ministries for our typical children. What really attracted us to our current church is that there is purpose and movement as they age. As high school students they prepare for an international mission trip every other year. In earlier years they are practicing in closer mission fields. This is not baby-sitting; this is the practice of the Christian life at each age. But it is also attractive and fun so that our children see church as a “good” place.
    – an opportunity to teach. While I expected to wait awhile for the church to know me and examine me, my gift and passion is teaching the Scriptures. If I can’t plug into that, I am not fulfilling my purpose. However, I don’t know many churches that turn willing teachers away.
    – small group for my wife and I. I had spent the last 10 years teaching men in small group Bible study. We wanted to learn and serve together as much as possible. Our new church gave us several options (it is large)
    – a sense of unity. This is hard to know early on, but we did not want to step into a divisive conflict of wills. We continue to be amazed at the unity we see currently (about 3 years in)

  2. Teresa Nystrom

    I have the same list of deal breakers. I also look for racial and ethnic diversity. Do the members get out of the building and into the community? I’m getting to the point where I’m looking for women serving in the worship service.

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