Breathing Under Water, Ch 2, cont.

Here’s an interesting longer quote from Rohr (page 13):

“It has always deeply disappointed me that the Christian religion was the only one that believed God became a human body, and yet we have had such a deficient and frankly negative attitudes towards embodiment, the physical world, sexuality, emotions, animals, healthy physical practices like yoga, and nature itself.

It often seems that Western Christianity has been much more formed by Plato (body and soul are at war) than by Jesus (body and soul are already one).  For many of us the body is more repressed and denied than even the mind or the heart.”


4 thoughts on “Breathing Under Water, Ch 2, cont.

  1. I do think we tend toward the gnostic/platonic view of matter as evil. However, I do think there are some dangers in his list. Yoga, for one, is not just physical. There is a inherent spirituality (Hindu) in the prominent practitioners.

  2. was in an interesting discussion about yoga recently. can we practice it for health benefits without the hindu stuff? we def have accepted numerous other pagan practices that have been baptized by christianity or at least stripped of religious meaning

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