Breathing Under Water, Chapter 4 (Rohr)

Some more quotes to consider.  Man, the next chapter blew my mind! You should be anticipating it.

“Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” Step 4 of AA

I am convinced that some people are driven to addictions to quiet their constant inner critic.

Yes, “the Truth will set you free” as Jesus says, but first it tends to make you miserable.

People only come to deeper consciousness by intentional struggles with contradictions, conflicts, inconsistencies, inner confusion, and what the biblical tradition calls “sin” or moral failure.

People who are more transparent and admitting of their blind spots and personal flaws are actually quite easy to love and be with.

In each story (Prodigal, Publican/Pharisee), the the one who did wrong ends up being right–simply because he is honest about it.

The game is over once we see clearly because evil succeeds only by disguising itself as good, necessary, or helpful.


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