Breathing Under Water, Chapter 10 , (Rohr)

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”  AA Step 10

I do believe our religious history has been too guilt-based and shame-based, and not enough of what some would call “vision logic,” which is broader, positive, and out-in-front kind of motivation. Jesus’ metaphor and draw was a positive vision he called “the Kingdom of God,” which he seemed to be constantly talking about.  For Bill W it was a “vital spiritual experience.” Neither of these were a negative threat, but a positive allure, promise, and invitation. For me, this is crucial and necessary or the spiritual journey largely becomes fear-based problem-solving.

You must step back from your compulsiveness, and your attachment to yourself, to be truly conscious.

Consciousness is aware of my feelings so it cannot be purely and simply my feelings themselves.

We do not live in a culture that much appreciates detachment or such poverty. We are consumers by training and habit, which is exactly why we have such problems with addiction to begin with!

Consciousness, our soul, the Holy Spirit, on both the individual and the shared levels, has sadly become unconscious! No wonder we call the Holy Spirit the “missing person of the Blessed Trinity.” No wonder we try to fill this radical disconnectedness by various addictions.

Religion’s main job is to reconnect us (re-ligio) to the Whole, to ourselves, and to one another–and thus heal us. We have not been doing our job very well.

Once we see our inherent dignity clearly, the game of evil and addiction begins to collapse. Evil always relies upon camouflage to have its way.

Whenever we do anything stupid, cruel, evil, or destructive to ourselves and others, we are at that moment unconscious, and unconscious of our identity. If we were fully conscious, we would never do it. Loving people are always highly conscious people. To rely on any drug or substance is to become unconscious.


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