Mental Health Monday: Importance of the Past

There is a difference of opinion among psychologists and counselors about the value of discussing the past. Some will focus on the past, believing that it is the key to understanding and changing the present/future.  Others don’t care about the past, and focus solely on what you can change/do now.

I think it’s helpful and important.  At the same time, I definitely see how talking in circles about the past can be a waste of time. I believe it is a good starting point to gain understand and clarity about the present, before moving forward.

How about you? Do you feel that understanding the past is necessary or important for changing now?

Or can/should we make changes now without even considering the past, since we don’t have control over it…and it’s gone?


2 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday: Importance of the Past

  1. Alicia S.

    I think it’s important to acknowledge that past experiences have shaped us, but they don’t limit or define us. Part of recognizing the past is to seek and/or grant forgiveness where necessary so that we can move past it and reclaim our present and future. We should also not forget to keep the lessons learned from past experience. That being said, we cannot relive the past, and should not dwell on it to the detriment of our present.

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