the Horror…the Horror…

Here are some of my favorite horror films (I didn’t type “scary” movies because I am an aficionado/film nerd). Not a list of greatest/most influential, just what Iike. I couldn’t decide whether to list them by sub-genre or decade or actually rank in order, so I did none of those.  Just a random list. If you like horror, check these out.

Event Horizon:

imagine if Hellraiser and Star Trek had a baby.

28 Days Later

no, not a rom-com, but one of the better fast zombie films. I am strangely drawn to any dystopian, apocalyptic setting, and I am a blast at parties.

American Werewolf in London

classic. great combination of horror and comedy. It’s a comed-orror! Or a horremedy!

The Beyond

I like Italian horror. that’s where the snob part comes in. Slow zombies.  Good scares.  No discernible plot whatsoever and confusing ending. but what do you expect from European films?

Let the Right One In

I am not that big into Vampires, but this movie is hauntingly sad.  the vampire is a little girl. and she takes up for a little boy who is bullied. Don’t watch the US remake. Subtitles, like PG films, never killed anybody.

The Thing (Carpenter)

wow. the score, the snow, the isolation, the gore.  probably in my top 5 if I were to rank them.


it’s claustrophobic, kinda slow, but powerful.  one of the few horror films with an all female cast. the real-life horror parts of the film would have been scary enough without the monsters

Return of the Living Dead

the zombie from the barrel creeped me out and gave me nightmares as a kid just seeing the commercial on cable.  gross and scary with a little humor. acting and dialogue provide the comic relief.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!    What do you like or plan to watch this week?


4 thoughts on “the Horror…the Horror…

  1. Alicia S.

    Not much of a horror buff, but I DO plan to watch Young Frankenstein, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Sleepy Hollow (the Johnny Depp movie version); those are my yearly Halloween musts!

  2. Dede R

    Your blog posts brighten my day! (“I am strangely drawn to any dystopian, apocalyptic setting, and I’m a blast at parties!” Haha, same here, although I think there are many additional reasons for my social reputation :D)

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