Mental Health Monday: Irrational Beliefs

Albert Ellis came up with this list of irrational beliefs that many people hold and that cause lots of trouble in life.  Sure, we could nitpick about some of them, but have you ever held these beliefs, and did it lead to trouble, emotional distress, or depression? It’s okay to want some of these, but see #4.

  1. I believe I must be loved or approved of by virtually everyone with whom I come in contact.
  2. I believe I should be perfectly competent, adequate, and achieving to be considered worthwhile
  3. Some people are bad, wicked, or villainous, and therefore should be blamed and punished.
  4. It is a terrible catastrophe when things are not as I would want them to be.
  5. Unhappiness is caused by circumstances that are out of my control
  6. Dangerous or fearsome things are sources of great concern and their possibility for harm should be a constant concern for me.
  7. It is easier to avoid certain difficulties and responsibilities and responsibilities than it is to face them.
  8. I should be dependent to some extent on other persons and should have some person on whom I can rely to take care of me.
  9. Past experiences and events are what determine my present behavior; the influence of the past cannot ever be erased.
  10. I should be quite upset over other people’s problems and disturbances.
  11. There is always a right or perfect solution to every problem, and it must be found or the results will be catastrophic.

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