“Only a Suffering God Can Save” (Breathing Under Water, Rohr)

This was an epilogue on the problem of suffering. It is concise and, I believe, more effective than all the books written on the topic of “Why?”

If God is somehow in the suffering, participating as a suffering object too, in full solidarity with the world that He created, then I can make some possible and initial sense of God and this creation.Then I stop complaining long enough to sit stunned and awakened by the very possibility. At least if we are participating in something together, and human suffering has some kind of direction or cosmic meaning, I can forgive such a God for leaving us in what seems like such desperate straits, and maybe I can even find love and trust for such a God.

Only if we are not alone in this universe, can we tolerate our aloneness.

Only if human suffering is first of all and last of all divine suffering can we begin to connect any dots.

It is the truest level of love, as each and every thing offers itself for another.

only people who have suffered in some way can save one another

Deep communion and dear compassion is formed much more by shared pain than by shared pleasure

I do believe this (Luke 22:31-32, Peter being sifted like wheat) is the only ordination that matters and transforms the world.

Only survivors know the full terror of the passage, the arms that held them through it all, and the power of the obstacles that were overcome.

From the cross, he draws all suffering people to himself.


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