Coming Soon! Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Well, the book.  Well….a review/discussion of the book by Peter Scazzero.

I am a couple of chapters in and fascinated. I believe it is vital information for church leaders and Christians. It combines two of my favorite topics: faith/spirituality and mental health in a very challenging yet clear way.

As a hard-working, sincere pastor, Peter Scazzero finally recognized that he had no joy, he was angry, bitter, and depressed, and his wife was miserable to the point of quitting his church because of him.

He says, “while I sincerely loved Jesus Christ and believed many truths about him, I was an emotional infant unwilling to look at my immaturity.”

The author dealt with ministry burn-out and unhappiness until taking a long look at some pre-conceived myths that were hurting his faith, marriage, and church after many years of ministry.

I highly recommend THE BOOK and will be reading and blogging about it here.


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