Band Name Suggestions

In case any of you are thinking about starting a rock and roll band and need a good name, I came up with a few. Just remember me when you are rich and famous.

  • Pickle Me Elmo
  • 7m10s (Guns N Roses fans will get this one, probably. Hint: November Rain)
  • Cobain’s Migraine
  • Unconditional Hatred
  • Satan’s Got Syphilis
  • Zombie Puppies
  • Weasel Sluts
  • The Colossal Midgets
  • The Flaming Hedbergs
  • Dudebags
  • The Huxtables
  • Anhedonia, USA
  • Silky Ahmadinejads
  • The Fallonites

What else can you come up with?


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