I love music. I think I like Star Wars so much because of John Williams and I loved Lost at least partially because of Michael Giacchino.

Been listening to some Jazz and Classical lately on radio. Don’t know who is whom but I like it.

I have also enjoyed living in Nashville. It is truly Music City. And not simply a “country” town.

I love these pop/indie/alt groups, very few of which will last long. Much of the following is more mellow than rock and roll.

And youtube is my source for music. I listen to my playlist for months, then finally decide what to buy.

I recently bought “Funeral” by Band of Horses, “Itchin on a Photograph” by GroupLove, “16 Saltines” by Jack White, “Scare Away the Dark” by Passenger, “Harper Lee” by Little Green Cars, and “Divisionary” by Ages and Ages.

My youtube playlists are full of Arctic Monkeys, The Features, the Districts, Bad Suns (Cardiac Arrest), Vance Joy, Broken Bells, The Head and the Heart, Southern Sun, Kongos, Silversun Pickups, Moon Taxi, Wild Feathers, the Weeks, etc.

Not trying to be hip or cool but I just…love…music. I barely watch TV anymore and don’t miss it. I may have effectively detoxed from sitcoms and cop dramas.

Internet is just a way to hear more and different music.

Here’s our great local radio station that I listen to the most, if you like this kind of stuff and don’t live in a college town, Lightning 100.

so………….who are you listening, too?


Rohr on Addiction and 1st World Problems

“Our suffering in developed countries is primary psychological, relational, and addictive: the suffering of people who are comfortable on the outside but oppressed and empty within. It is a crisis of meaninglessness, which leads us to try to find meaning in possessions, perks, prestige, and power, which are always outside of the self. It doesn’t work. So we turn to ingesting food, drink, or drugs, and we become addictive consumers to fill the empty hole within us.”

38 Years–Keep Your Heart Young

State of the Brian Address

Another year. Another Birthday. A lot has changed. A lot has remained. Been a roller coaster!

My back-to-school-life-change has gone well.  Though my wife considers it a mid-life crisis. You really can’t be too young for mid-life crisis, because who really knows how long you will live. I don’t know if I am concerned about inching closer to a milestone like 40; but I am very aware that by the end of this calender year I will have lived longer than my biological mother. Not creepy. Not interesting. Just there…lingering.

I love school. I feel just as at peace and content with the decision to pursue this degree/career path as I did a year ago. I have enjoyed the teachers, books, concepts, people, etc.

Working and “working a real job” have been challenging. Very challenging. It’s not so much the work, I stayed busy as a minister with many emotionally draining weeks. But having zero flexibility and not seeing my family often enough has been hard. Waking at 4:30 most days and no longer using my snooze button has been………

I just started a new, less crazy job closer to the house and Marisa got a job for the Summer at Kohl’s so we are grateful.

Somewhere in the past year, I lost my filter. I have reverted a little to “Brian, circa 1995-1996” (my Freed friends might remember that well). My personality has shifted a little. I chat up waitresses and clerks, joke with strangers, and make a general fool of myself for laughs at work and school. I have more confidence and feel mostly comfortable in my own skin. Trying to be myself without being too much of an idiot. But on some days those two overlap.

After taking a break of a few months away from “head meds,” I felt the need to start up again. I “fell on black days” back in the Winter but am doing better now. I am glad I started again. Life has been stressful balancing work, family, school, church.

Life is good, though. School rocks. Work is work. We have a wonderful church family (Hermitage Church of Christ) that has blessed us in many ways. I am giving a devo tonight outdoors after some lemonade and cookies. Family is adjusting well to life in TN. School and scouts going well for the kids.

Trying to stay young at heart. I really think I want to work with kids and young people. Humans from elementary schoolers to college students will hopefully be the focus of my career as a therapist/counselor.

A great blessing in the past year has been my young friends at school (the older ones, too). They sometimes make me feel old. But mostly make me feel young. My cohort/classmates are an amazing and talented group. I am grateful for them. S/O to Lipscomb peeps!

For my birthday, I just want you to listen to this Brandi Carlile song. It’s cool.

“Don’t go growing old before your time has come…..”