My poor little neglected blog…..

I am ramping up for the most busy, stressful, exciting 3 months of my life.  But I think I need to blog more to get through it.

I still haven’t shared much from my retreat. Kinda processing.  Kinda moved on.

I may go way back to share more of my story.  I left off around the time I returned from Italy and before I went to Harding.

I have been reading my journals/diaries from HS and college and laughing at myself.  May share some poems or stuff from way back.

I will prob blog more about psychology/mental health stuff since that will be a focus in my life the next 3 years and until I die.

And talk about transitions.


Ode to Five Guys

And Yes, I am talking about the burger joint, not five men.  Here are some things I love about it besides their yummy burgers and awesome french fries.

I like the bulletin board where children (or adults high on carbs) draw and color and leave notes showing their love and support for “5 Guys.”

I like that the floor is almost always dangerously slippery because of the grease.  It does make one pause to wonder if that grease travels through the air and how much of it is in one’s lungs. And it is always especially slippery in the bathroom.

I like that a “little” burger is actually a normal, single patty.  Just like the fast food joints, we have shifted our size expectations so that a small soda at most places is about a liter. They assume you will want to eat 2 pieces of meat.  And….why not?

I like knowing where my french fries are from.  Quaint little towns in Idaho are listed on the dry-erase board.  It creates a sense of community.  I am sure some day, if I ever make it to Idaho to visit the Idaho Potato Museum, I may trek out of my way to tuber-producing hamlets such as Arco or Malad City and reminisce about the time I had some awesome fries from that place.

Favorite Lyrics

Here are some of my favorite lyrics from various secular songs.  Can you identify the song?

“Your head upon the pillow, like a sleepy golden storm.” and in same song “But let’s not talk of love or chains, and things we can’t untie….”

“Flame on! I’m gone, I’m so sweet like a nice Bon-Bon, Came out rappin’ when I was born, mom said rock it til the break of dawn”

“Desperate for changing Starving for truth”


For complete songs that are perfectly written from beginning to end I would have to include:

  • The Way You Do the Things You
  • It Only Hurts Me When I Cry


What are some of your favorite song lyrics?

Happy New Year

Well, I haven’t blogged much and don’t promise anything for 2012 but wanted to start off the year looking ahead.

I can’t wait til Tulsa.  I love my week at Camp.  I know sometime this year we will visit family down south and that is always great.

I am preaching through Mark’s Gospel, and will begin a study of Ephesians on Wednesday nights later in January.  I will probably also teach an Intro to the Bible class this summer.

I got some good books with Christmas money and hope to read more this year than last.  In addition to working my way through the Sherlock Holmes stories, I plan to read “Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes” (already started), “Paul through Middle Eastern Eyes”, “The Celtic Way of Evangelism”, “Guns, Germs, and Steel”, the “Philosophy of Horror”, “Men, Women, and Chainsaws” and more.

I also got a new camera so I may turn my blog into a foto blog at some point.  At least expect some pictures, maybe more pics than posts.

For example: Click for a full view.