Laugh Links

In Part because I am goofy, and also as a way to deal with depression, I love comedy and laughter. Always have. So, I decided to add a page of links to humorous stuff on the web. A catalog to go back to when you need to smile, laugh, or guffaw.

Of course, some pages I will link to will have ever-changing content so they might contain objectionable/offensive stuff. I apologize in advance. So be careful. But laugh. I will try to add from time to time. Feel free to make suggestions about stuff that makes you laugh. You might notice I have a weird sense of humor. 🙂

Craig Ferguson Late Late Show

Top 50 Comedy Sketches of All Time: SNL, SCTV, KiTH, etc. (with youtube vid for each one)

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey (site of Demotivators)

Mt. Rushmore A Capella version of 500 Miles (

Awkward Family Photos

Cake Wrecks

Weird ‘Al’ Yankovic at Youtube
-White & Nerdy
-Trapped in the Drive-Thru
-Amish Paradise

More Fun at Youtube
-Jeff Dunham, Dead Terrorist
-Mannings ESPN commercial
-Craig Ferguson

-Dana Carvey

“Religious” and “Christian” Humor
-Right Rev TJ Jackson
-Larknews (Christian news satire)
-20 Theological Pickup Lines NOT to use
-Awesomely Awesome Leadership (kamp krusty)

Satire is not for Everyone
-The Onion (sometimes rated-R)


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