Martyn Lloyd-Jones Quote

“There is nothing so dangerous as to come to the Bible with a theory, with preconceived ideas, with some pet idea of our own…”


For my Conservative Church of Christ Brethren on this Day of Thanksgiving

I just have some questions and I am not trying to be snarky or rude.

Why is it okay to set aside one day a year to focus on Gratitude and Thanksgiving?

Shouldn’t we be doing this every day?  We have no Biblical Authority for doing so on one day.

This day has its origins in history and human traditions and not the Word of God, which should be the basis for everything we say and do.

The original events were observed by Anglican Separatists and animists and the holiday itself was made official by a US President.

This day is something that the “denominational” world and even unbelievers participate in.  Is it okay for us to follow their example?

I am not looking for a fight (or even a discussion, comments or closed) but whatever response you might give for justifying the celebration of Thanksgiving, just go ahead and apply that to celebrating the birth of Jesus. That’s my point.

Where is the Biblical Authority for this day?

Books, Books, and More Books

Having two Library Sales sandwiched around my birthday has led to buying too many books.  Well, there are just too many good ones that I hope to read; and someday I may not have any money to buy books so I am storing up.

First, some fiction:

American Supernatural Tales:  anthology that includes Bloch, Bradbury, Lovecraft, King, Shirley Jackson, etc.
Yiddish Short Stories

Non-fiction, non-religious (not irreligious, mind you):

This is your Brain on Music by Daniel Levitin(seems to be a neat combo of neurology and music)
Writing on Both Sides of the Brain by Henriette Anne Klauser ( I wonder if she is German.  the chapter on procrastination was worth more than the $1 I paid for the book)
The World of Caffeine


St Teresa of Avila by Medwick
Soul Work by Randy Harris
Plain Living: A Quaker Path to Simplicity by Whitmire
Not a Fan
Repenting of Religion by Greg Boyd
Down to the River to Pray by John Mark Hicks
A Gathered People by JMH +
Bonhoeffer Bio by Metaxas (for $10 !!)
In God We Don’t Trust by David Bercot

Now if I only had some time to read!

Trying to finish “Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes” by Bailey, hope to get back into Sherlock, and started “Forgotten God” by Chan and Bercot’s book comparing the Founding Fathers/colonials to Scripture.

What are you reading?

Lipscomb Abstract

David Lipscomb (1831–1917) was an influential Tennessee preacher who edited a weekly paper from 1866–1917 and published a book, Civil Government, in 1889. Although few, if any, economists appear to be aware of Lipscomb, his writing includes many points that political economists, especially radical libertarian ones, make today.

This article discusses some of the classical liberal influences on Lipscomb’s thought and summarizes his radical libertarian views. Lipscomb argued that government is not created for the benefit of the public but for the benefit of the rulers. He believed that all governments, including democratic ones, are problematic.

Lipscomb argued that self-serving politicians actually create conflict and violence and that the public should withdraw support from government. He argued that moral people should not participate in politics, should not vote, and should not fight in wars. Modern libertarian economists make arguments similar to these that Lipscomb made more than a century earlier.

Abstract from a paper by Edward Stringham, Trinity College, Hartford, CT
(click on link to read the full article)

You might be a Fool if…..

1.         If you reject the idea of God–Psalm 14:1, 53:1

2.         If you are an evil, wicked person–Prov 10:23

3.         You won’t take advice or instruction–Prov 1:7, 22; 12:15, 28:26

4.         You don’t practice self-control/discipline—Prov 12:16, 14:16-17; 29:11, Eccl 7:9; Prov 20:3;

5.         You talk a certain way–Prov 10:18, 18:2; 2 Tim 2:23; Titus 3:9

6.         You are materialistic–Lk 12:20

7.         You aren’t prepared for the Lord’s return–Matt 25:1

Happy April Fool’s Day!