Sweet Recent Tweets O’ Mine

Had cereal and cheese danish for dinner. Because I care about my body. Mainly the mouth/tongue/stomache part of my body.

Going up to a stranger who has an eye-patch and speaking “pirate” is apparently not “appropriate”

Had a Dr Pepper infused coffee yesterday. Let’s just say next time I would prefer them sequentially instead of concurrently

Confession: I was totally thinking about my team while my daughter was explaining a new variation to Uno she created

If the terrorists have taken down , I may become pro-terrorists

I am not so much concerned about my sin (sins) as I am my sinfulness.

Don’t judge me for eating BBQ chips at 9am, I’ve been awake for 3 hours, this is brunch

I love to eat/drink anything Mango flavored except an actual mango

Do you give Sonic carhops a tip? I mean, on roller skates, with physics or something, they barely have to work…

Fancy touch-screen soda machines are all fine & good until you get an error prompt and have to call the GeekSquad to get a Vanilla Dr Pepper

If anyone knows how to get a 10yo to stop talking about Legos, Star Wars, Lego Star Wars, and Lego Star Wars video games, pls text!!

A non-conformist is like a laid-back, apathetic rebel

If you are tempted to cuss because of tiny cardboard boxes, you might be a grocery stocker

Here! *tosses man card. I am uber-stoked about the Jamie Foxx/Cameron Diaz remake

Has an uglier man had sex with more women than Mick Jagger? And can we create a quotient?

If we have muffin tops for sale, why not Cinnamon Roll Hearts?

May I never have to choose between the middle-aged lady at work who calls me “doll” and the older lady at work who calls me “baby”

Can you really trust your reason/intellect that much more than your emotions?


NFL Picks for 2013 Season


East:  NE Pats

North:  Cleveland Browns

South:  Hou Texans

West:  Denver Broncos

AFC Wildcards:  Bengals, Colts

AFC Championship Game:  Broncos vs Bengals


East:  NY Football Giants

North:  DET Lions

South:  ATL Falcons

West: Seattle Seahawks

NFC Wildcards:  GB Packers, NO Saints

NFC Championship Game:  Falcons vs Lions

Super Bowl:  Denver Broncos over the Detroit Lions

NFL Picks

AFC WEST: Oakland Raiders
AFC SOUTH: Houston Texans
AFC NORTH: Cincinnati Bengals
AFC EAST: NE Patriots

AFC WILDCARDS: Baltimore Ravens, NY Jets

NFC WEST: Seattle Seahawks
NFC SOUTH: Atlanta Falcons

NFC WILDCARDS: Detroit Lions, TB Bucs

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Ravens def. Patriots

NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Packers def. Falcons

SUPER BOWL!! Ravens def. Packers

What do you think?

Ahhhhhh……the NFL (including Picks)

I suppose I should have made my picks on Friday at the latest but was tired and busy.  Then, our TV goes “kerplunk” on opening weekend for football.  Not that I have much time in the afternoon, after all, I work some on Sunday.  Sunday Night Football, though, is a great way to end a busy day.  I am worn out (mainly because I am an introvert) and falling asleep on the couch to football is so relaxing.

Plus, Jets against the Cowboys is a great game.  I am not a huge Jets fan but like to root for local teams (excepting Yankees in baseball).  And….I love to root against the Cowboys.  It’s a sign of love for my friends.  There are so many Cowgirl fans and I know so many, that I love it when they fail.

I was listening to the radio last night and loved it.  Assumed the Jets would lose.  They should have lost.  The main difference (besides luck) is that the Jets have won a few comebacks/close games in the last two seasons, as well as playing some tight playoff games.  Dallas, with all their talent haven’t done much of that.  Poor Romo.

Anyway, my picks:



Green Bay Packers


Philly Eagles


New Orleans Saints


Arizona Cardinals

Wild Cards:   Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons



Pittsburgh Steelers


Tennessee Titans


New Jersey Jets


San Diego Chargers

Wild Cards:  New England Patriots, Houston Texans

There are surprises each season.  I took some risks for fun.  Who do you expect to make the playoffs?

My NFL 2010 Picks

Just for fun, let’s pick some division winners and more!

AFC East: Patriots

AFC North: Cincinnati

AFC South: Indy

AFC West: San Diego

AFC Wildcards: NY Jets, Baltimore Ravens


NFC East:  Giants

NFC North:  Green Bay

NFC South: New Orleans

NFC West: San Fran

NFC Wildcards:  Redskins, Atlanta Falcons


NFC Championship: Green Bay over the NY Giants

AFC Championship:  Indy over the Patriots

Super Bowl: Indy over Green Bay 

(p.s.–I did 10 seconds of research for this, most of which involved double-checking which teams were in which divisions)