Sweating the Small Stuff

I do.  At least I “sweat” forgetting the small stuff.  I get annoyed with myself and life when I forget all the little things that fill up my day.

Either I have ADD or am just too busy.  But I think I need to start by not getting annoyed/upset when I do neglect things that aren’t so important.  When younger and less burdened with responsibility, I could keep track of my life much more easily.

My To-Do list has lots of clutter. I gripe about it but most of it includes things that need to be done.  I am sure there could be some more delegation.

I keep forgetting to adjust the timer on the parking lot lights.  When I did remember.  I didn’t do it right.  No lights.  So I tried again.  Still no lights.  Then 5 days passed.

I have a mess of receipts I need to be reimbursed for.  Fortunately, they were on the credit card so it’s not due yet, but getting close.

I am bad at returning phone calls, especially to non-members.

Having two offices is frustrating.  Some things are at the building.  Some at home.

And don’t get me started on what I remember and what I forget to include in the bulletin.

I am going to try and do better.  Try and remember what’s important. Do what I can.  Not beat myself up.

What I need from my friends is prayer for the other people in my life who might be affected by my forgetfulness.

None of them are mean to me.  I am usually harsher on myself than others are.  But my attempt at peace might look like apathy or laziness to others.  I don’t want to beat myself up in attempt to prove to others that I care.

But as I strive to live in peace, I don’t want to create unnecessary turmoil for others. But I do hope to teach by example that some things aren’t so important.

PS-don’t suggest organizational methods, books, software.  I have attempted many of them.  The problem is me.

Be Free For God

I have such a need
of such a clearance
as the Savior effected in the temple of Jerusalem
a riddance of clutter
of what is secondary
that blocks the way
to the all-important central emptiness
which is filled
with the presence of God alone.

-Jean Danielou


Dealing with Grief

John Dobbs has begun a great site as a place to encourage the hurting.


Mike Cope has been writing a series of articles of grief, specifically dealing with the loss of a child. (If you haven’t read “Megan’s Secret,” about his daughter who died at age 10, you should.)

It starts HERE and definitely read the comments, many others share about their journey.

Church Needs Bus–God is Good!

UPDATE:  The money has been pledged and the bus will be purchased today.  Praise God!


My sister has been working on getting a bus for a church in Miami that has lots of kids but can’t bring them all to bible class.  Here’s the latest.  Can you help?

I’ve found a bus for the church in Miami. Tommy Taylor (of Taylor Bus Co and member of the church in Murray, KY) is going to Zellwood, FL to a bus auction on Saturday. For $3500, we can buy a bus for the Homestead Church of Christ. Please pray for this project and please consider donating to this cause. With God on our side, we can raise this money. Call if you have questions and please help me spread the word.

Here’s the link to the Christian Chronicle article:


Donations can be sent to:

Calvert City Church of Christ
ATTN: Paula Harrington
(Please specify money for is Homestead Bus)
PO Box 466
Calvert City, KY 42029

HELP!! Typhoons in the Philippines

You may have read the article in the Christian Chronicle or seen on national news about the typhoons in the Philippines.  They need help.

We (our congregation) have been supporting a family and work in the Philippines for about 5 years.  The Limbawan family had a daughter and son-in-law who worshipped with us before moving to California.  We met Brother and Sister Limbawan when they visited their family in NJ.  Brother Adrian Limbawan died unexpectedly soon after we began supporting the work but his widow, Elvira, has continued working faithfully under the oversight of the leaders in the local churches and school.

We will be taking up a Special Contribution next Sunday, November 15th, during our weekly assembly and sending the funds to Sister Lambawan in the Philippines.  We sent one check as soon as we received a plea for help from her.

Here is her letter:

Dear Brethren

A blessed day, hoping and praying you are all in the best of health.

I am appealing to you with help or assistance since you have known of what had happened to us about the devastation of typhoon Ondey, especially Peping, in which we suffered flash floods and landslides as you have seen on CNN Television.  This typhoon Peping caused much damage in Pasgasinan, Lleses  Region, La Union, and most of our brethren so with us, ricefields, houses and families.  Our congregation is Rabon Church of Crist, this is our place of work wherein my late husband Adrian Limbawan had his fulltime mission work of Pangasinan, that I am continuing the work of the Lord’s with the coordination of our church leaders and preachers of Pangasinan since we since we have been working with them when Adrian Limbawan was still here with us.  He passed away five years ago and thank God the Lord’s work that he had left off is being blessed by God.

My Family and I live here in Baguio, that as of this time we are isolated, our roads coming up to Baguio were all closed because of big landslides and falling rocks and these are the Kennon Road, Marces highway, and Maguilian road.

In the name of the Lord, please consider my appeal in behalf of our brethren and us, that your prayers and comforting words, and financial help will lift us in this in dire need.

Looking forward to hearing from you brethren, God bless us all.

In His Service

Sis. Elvira

If you would like to contribute, leave a comment or email me and I will give you info and we can include your donation in the check we will send the following week.  All checks should be made to “Echo Lake Church of Christ.”

If you prefer paypal, I can help you with that.

Kiva Loan Update

There are actually a low number of people to loan to right now. They really screen the people, I guess. I may change our voting and just list 3-5 options within a day or so and we can choose whom to help.

I think they actually have to many lenders and too few people to loan to.  That’s a nice problem.  So, I may have to jump on a opportunity as it arises and loan the money before someone else does.  Wierd.