Lost Links

It’s “Lost Week” here at the Blogprophet Blog!  Let’s start off with some fun links to get ready for tomorrow night.

Lostpedia:  news and episode and character summaries

Lost “Last Supper ” photo

Lost: 10 essential Episodes

Doc Jensen’s Addiction Allegory for the theme of Lost

One Possible Ending for Lost

Recaps for Every Episode

“Lost Answers” Parody Song (to the tune of Downtown)

Lost re-enacted by extended Italian Family

Lost parodies using toy figurines.  Watch the whole series, includes toys from Star Trek, Harry Potter, Heroes, LOTR interacting with Lost characters.  Hilarious!

Most of these were found at EW.com’s Lost page.  Lots more reading there.

@EWDocJensen is a good follow on twitter to keep up with Lost stuff.

Tomorrow (Tues) we will reminisce.  Please come and share. Either Wed or Thurs we will discuss the premiere.  And Friday, we will look ahead and try to predict the future of Lost’s sixth and final season.

Stay tuned!!

Share your favorite Lost Links in the comments!


Some Links under your Christmas Tree

10 Web Trends to Watch in 2010

Top 10 of Everything in 2010

5 Ways to Show Love to Kids without Spending $$

6 Ways to Find Quiet During a Busy Day

Unreached Ethnic Groups (Joshua Project)

Why Christianity is Failing in America

Christamericans for Christ

The Youth Minister Conundrum (The Problem of Parents) by Yaconelli

Anti-depressants Change Personality (in a positive sense)

Introverts and Leadership at Forbes.com

Mormon Vampires

Lonelinesss Spreads in Social Networks (not social networking sites)

Wonder whatever Happened to This Guy who was disfellowshipped 50 years ago

Why I Left (the church of Christ. this guy chose to, unlike the previous guy)

Why I left the Contemporary Christian Music

Demons, Death, Powers (heavy reading)

The Anxiety of Gift-Giving

That was a little something for everyone on this Christmas Day.


Weekend Reading

Here are some insightful, interesting, and fun things to read:

Blaine Tucker hit one out of the park with “The Club.”  I loved this.  Blaine was in Italy right after me and married my wife’s roommate and our friend/co-worker from Italy.

18 Tricks/Tips for Memorizing Scripture

This is sad but likely to make it into many sermons.  Woman was dead for 18 months and no one noticed.

I don’t like this t-shirt at all.  Give the bucks to feed someone or leave a big tip with your church business card next time you eat out.

Lots of good stuff, as usual from Dan Edelen at Cerulean Sanctum.  Check out “Wicked Systems

Christianity is too Happy?!!?!?!? What?  You need to read what Jeff says.

An Evangelical Bailout Package by C. Michael Patton

Some Church Pet-Peeves from 2or3.  Me, too!

Some bloggers I recently discovered/met:

Jay Towell at Overflow

Carl Feril at Checking the Mail

And just for fun: Time’s top 25 Horror Movies (I had not heard of most of these.  One Disney classic is included but it is a serious list)

And no I did not write this post from my Blackberry.

Have a great weekend and a great Lord’s Day with His People.  Even if you don’t think you need to be there, someone might need you.  And God deserves it, anyway.

Weekend Reading

I usually would have done this on Friday, but Fridays are dead and I was busy.  I know that there isn’t much action on the weekends but I really need to clean-up my bookmarks.  So, here they are:

Deadspin is a site that has non-sports news about sports figures.  Expect a lot about A-Rod.

Socks dies and a nation snores, er, I mean mourns.  Who will take a stand to respect the lives of sick kitties? How can we sleep with Jack Kevorkians at every Vet’s office?!  OH! THE FELINITY!!

I enjoyed this psychological analysis of the President.  Not because I believe he is a Narcissist, but because I think I recognized some people I know by these symptoms.

Persecution in China.  It’s a woman writing.  Kate, they need you!

If this is totally true, I am worried: “Your Congress has voted to spend almost $790 billion of your money on a stimulus package that not a single member of either chamber has read.”

This is my favorite dessert at the Indian Food Buffet I frequent as often as I can afford.  Galub Jamun

Apparently, everyone else already knew about www.hulu.com.  I have been watching old Three Stooges eps for FREE.

This is a little heavy on the toes but a good point: The Sin of Prayerlessness

If someone wants to buy me this toy, I would let you.  I know, it’s sad.  But he is my favorite soccer player ever.

This is sad and awful.  Christians need to stand up and speak out against this. If you think he got what he deserved, you are not a Christian.  And, yes, I do believe homosexuality is a sin.

10 Worst Habits of Preachers (watch out Trey, this guy is messing with your territory)

John Mark Hicks’ blog never lets us down: I am a Patternist

Why Most Churches Suck (pardon his french)

I haven’t seen Fireproof yet but it is still making waves (good ones)

The dangers of “smooth preaching” (don’t think I have ever been accused of being smooth)

Greek and Hebrew in the Pulpit? william mounce

Bobby V has been on a roll of late, blogging about baptism and sectarianism.  Make sure you check him out.

These next few were from Time’s top 25 blogs list:

Lost Links Has Returned!!

Lost is back.  I am excited. Last week set the stage, we can expect the pace to pick up tonight.  I can’t wait for the next “NO WAY!” experience.

A Great Recap of the Opener.  Includes thoughts such as, what if the whispers in the jungle are when a character’s past self and present self are in the same place?!

Cuse and Lindelof interview

My predictions for Season 5

  • We will get to see Rousseau arriving on the island on Black Rock.
  • Sawyer dies by the end of the season, heroically like Charlie, most likely in the finale.
  • Season finale is the Oceanic 6 either back on the island, or finally assembled to return.