Happy “Lost” Day. Best. TV. Experience. Ever.

I still miss it and haven’t “loved” a TV show since.


The 100%

It was about a year ago we began hearing about the 1% and the 99%.  It was talked about from every angle.  Recently we began hearing about the 47%.  As this election cycle continues we will continue to hear various statistics, numbers and percentages.

But there is only one that really matters:  The 100%

You don’t hear about it in the news.  It won’t be a part of the presidential debates.  Neither Democrats nor Republicans will say anything about The 100%.

Romans 3:23 says that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  All.  Everyone.  100%.

Everyone single person on the planet falls into one category:  They need Jesus.  Republicans need Jesus.  Democrats need Jesus.  Children starving in Africa and Asia need Jesus.  Muslims, Hindus and Jews need Jesus.  Iran needs Jesus.  Iraqi insurgents and Afghani Taliban members need Jesus.  All the nations we are dropping bombs on need Jesus.

The important thing to remember is that neither party has the answer.  Democrats wanting to help the poor is great; but that won’t help their sin problem.  Republicans wanting the 10 Commandments posted and abortion abolished are good things, but won’t help anyone overcome the problem of sin.  Good Laws won’t help sinners.  Good morals won’t save sinners.  A Judeo-Christian society won’t save anyone’s soul.  It might make living the Christian life easier, but it won’t take away your sin guilt.

Something else that you and I need to be reminded of often is that saved Christians STILL need Jesus! Even though we have been immersed to receive salvation and have God’s Holy Spirit in us, we need Jesus.  We can go to church, give money, help people, and read our Bibles.  But we still need Jesus.  We are still a part of The 100%.

As we are bombarded with numbers in the next two months—maybe some more important than others—let’s never forget the most important statistic of all.  The number that every other decision should be based on.

The great need of every human for Salvation.

The great need of every Christian for Jesus.

Maybe a 100% focus on that percentage will help our country, and our world.

Lost Family Tree

Walt’s Mom and Michael’s Ex has been the Coroner Camille on Bones for a few seasons

Michael was on a short-lived cop show.

Jack’s Ex (Julie Bowen/Clare Dunphy) is on Modern Family.

Charlie, of course, jumped to that new sci-fi show.  Is it still on?

Locke and Ben will have a hard time unless they take drastically different roles.

Who else from the Lost universe have you seen on TV or on the big screen lately?