I love music. I think I like Star Wars so much because of John Williams and I loved Lost at least partially because of Michael Giacchino.

Been listening to some Jazz and Classical lately on radio. Don’t know who is whom but I like it.

I have also enjoyed living in Nashville. It is truly Music City. And not simply a “country” town.

I love these pop/indie/alt groups, very few of which will last long. Much of the following is more mellow than rock and roll.

And youtube is my source for music. I listen to my playlist for months, then finally decide what to buy.

I recently bought “Funeral” by Band of Horses, “Itchin on a Photograph” by GroupLove, “16 Saltines” by Jack White, “Scare Away the Dark” by Passenger, “Harper Lee” by Little Green Cars, and “Divisionary” by Ages and Ages.

My youtube playlists are full of Arctic Monkeys, The Features, the Districts, Bad Suns (Cardiac Arrest), Vance Joy, Broken Bells, The Head and the Heart, Southern Sun, Kongos, Silversun Pickups, Moon Taxi, Wild Feathers, the Weeks, etc.

Not trying to be hip or cool but I just…love…music. I barely watch TV anymore and don’t miss it. I may have effectively detoxed from sitcoms and cop dramas.

Internet is just a way to hear more and different music.

Here’s our great local radio station that I listen to the most, if you like this kind of stuff and don’t live in a college town, Lightning 100.

so………….who are you listening, too?


Do the Right Thing

not Spike Lee, but Ages and Ages.  Catchy tune with a nice message, although somewhat repetitive and Arminian.


“Do the right thing, don’t you know you’re not the only one suffering”


Band Name Suggestions

In case any of you are thinking about starting a rock and roll band and need a good name, I came up with a few. Just remember me when you are rich and famous.

  • Pickle Me Elmo
  • 7m10s (Guns N Roses fans will get this one, probably. Hint: November Rain)
  • Cobain’s Migraine
  • Unconditional Hatred
  • Satan’s Got Syphilis
  • Zombie Puppies
  • Weasel Sluts
  • The Colossal Midgets
  • The Flaming Hedbergs
  • Dudebags
  • The Huxtables
  • Anhedonia, USA
  • Silky Ahmadinejads
  • The Fallonites

What else can you come up with?

Miley Cyrus’ New Album

Based on her meteoric rise in the public consciousness in 2013, Ms. Cyrus plans an cover album of pop hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Included on the album:

  • We can Twerk it out (Beatles)
  • She Twerks hard for the Money (Donna Summers)
  • Twerkin’ for the Weekend (Loverboy)
  • Whistle while you Twerk (Snow White)
  • Twerkin’ 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton)
  • Twerkin’ Class Hero (John Lennon)
  • I’ve been Twerkin’ on the Railroad (American Folk song)
  • Twerkin’ for a Livin’ (Huey Lewis and the News)