Ferguson Links

Lighter stuff for those who get emotional/agitated reading on race and violence (whichever side you are on)

How Twitter and Facebook are different for sharing/following the Ferguson situation

How younger and older blacks feel differently about Civil Rights and Civil Disobedience

Coverage of the Coverage from a faith perspective

The following articles are by Christians talking about race, poverty, violence etc. in America (proceed at your own risk, send all complaints to original authors)

Silence by white Christian America

WARNING! Black American Christians may have a different POV than you are used to. Kristena Cleveland: “The Cross and the Molotav Cocktail” (ALSO: graphic images of lynching/hanging)

Don’t Ignore It by Eugene Cho

and lastly, if you only read one argument that may make you angry, this one is calm and rational and provides good suggestions for action: “Speaking of Michael Brown




Breathing Under Water, Chapter 11

“Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood God, praying only for knowledge of God’s will for us and the power to carry that out.” Step 11 of AA

The word prayer, which Bill Wilson rightly juxtaposed with the word meditation, is a code word for an entirely different way of processing life.

“the calculating mind” vs “the contemplative mind”:  these are two entirely different types of software, and since the first one is almost totally and always in control, and has become your only operative hardware, you have to be carefully taught how to pray, which is exactly what the disciples asked of Jesus…”

One has to go through some initial withdrawal pains to switch processors, and this is why prayer takes some initial “work” to learn how to do that.

prayer, at its truest…was always an alternative processing system

Prayer is:

  • a positive widening of your lens for a better picture
  • emptying the mind and filling the heart
  • prayer is not about changing God, but being willing to let God change us

If you are able to switch minds to the mind of Christ, your prayer has already been answered.

Jesus goes into silence, into nature, and usually alone when he prays.

Since the thirteenth century, no one has been teaching us what to do with our minds when we are alone, at least in any systematic way.

It is the prayer of quiet and self-surrender that will best allow us to follow Step 11.

only contemplative prayer or meditation invades, touches, and heals the unconscious!

There is such a thing as addicted to religion…Religion can also be its own kind of demon.

Social prayer can hold the group together, but it does not necessarily heal the heart or soul of the group

Jesus tried to move history toward interiority whenever possible, and it has been a long slog.

Breathing Under Water, Ch. 7 (Rohr)

“Humbly asked (God) to remove our shortcomings.” Step 7 of AA

We pray to form a living relationship, not to get things done.

Prayer is a symbiotic relationship with life and wife God, a synergy which creates a result larger than the exchange itself.

God gives us power more than answers.

Jesus told us all to stay in the position of a beggar, a petitioner, a radical dependent, which is always spiritually true, if we are honest.

How you do life is your real and final truth, not what ideas you believe.

Any attempts at self-conversion would be like an active alcoholic trying to determine his own rules for sobriety. God has to radically change the central reference point of our lives.

God’s totally positive and lasting way of removing our shortcomings is to fill up the hole with something much better, more luminous, and more satisfying. Then your old shortcomings are not driven away, or pushed underground, as much as they are exposed and starved for the false program for happiness that they are.

All spiritual rewards are inherent and not rewards that are given later.


Lessons Learned from my Job Search

Had a couple of rejections this past week but survived emotionally.  The process itself is the bad part.

The websites are frustrating.  A few are college recruiting sites but aren’t up front about it.  I am looking for a job, fill out info online, get a phone call 3 minutes later trying to get me to apply to college.  I AM ALREADY IN SCHOOL!  I need a job to pay my bills.

Some  of the sites are more helpful than others. Some show openings in my area until I fill out my info, then I can’t find those listings anymore.

The interview process is so cheesy.  I get the Management 101 questions like:  “Why are you the best person for this job?” or “Why should we hire you over someone else?”  I DON’T KNOW! Maybe the other person will be better.  I don’t know who he/she is.  I will be on time, work hard, and not cause problems. I don’t know the other people. They might be just as good or better than me. Isn’t that your job to figure out who will be best? Or am I supposed to reply with some fancy baloney. Speaking of baloney, my kids need to eat. Is that good enough?

Whether you apply to McDs or Kroger, they all want to make sure you “buy in” to their vision. Honestly, I need a paycheck and am willing to work in a warehouse or some store. Even though I might have a “passion” for donuts or french fries, I am not looking for a career in them.

I have a vision for a career in counseling, that’s where my heart is, but I need to pay my rent and feed my kids in the meantime.

I don’t play B.S. games well.

I suppose this is typical: when you say you will let me know on Wednesday, and then I wait til Friday to call you, your first statment is: “I was just going to call you to let you know the position has been filled.” Sure, thanks a lot.

I suppose I will learn some patience and to trust in God in the coming days (weeks, LORD?).

I guess I am not surprised that it takes awhile, just hoping things would run smoothly.

Thanks for your prayers. Still filling out apps online.  Asking and looking constantly. Open to almost anything.

I do have one option I am working on that I like but am uncertain about.

Breathing Under Water, Ch. 2

Chapter 2- Desperate Desiring
(Rohr is discussing how 12 Step programs are similar to the Christian faith and spirituality)

“Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”  Step  2 of AA

Religion is lived by people who are afraid of hell. Spirituality is lived by people who have been through hell.

The innocuous mental belief systems of much religion are probably the major cause of atheism in the world today.

Religion either produces the very best people or the very worst.

I think your heart needs to be broken, and broken open, at least once to have a heart at all or to have a heart for others.

Most head churches do not touch the heart, most heart churches do not bother with the head, and almost all of them ignore the body as if of no account.