Happy “Lost” Day. Best. TV. Experience. Ever.

I still miss it and haven’t “loved” a TV show since.


Thoughts on the Lost Finale and Faith-Not Really Spoilerish

(EW’s Ken Tucker has a good review of the Finale, pointing out “christian” themes present.)

While risking being a cliche’ emergent, postmod making applications from pop culture to Faith, I am gonna share a thought anyway:

The big debate will rage on about whether the Lost finale was great, adequate, or disappointing.  There are really two groups, though, and they represent two mindsets that we also find in church.

One group wants answers.  They want the mysteries revealed.  They want resolution for the Numbers, infertility, etc. and etc.  This group wasn’t going to be content with anything but answers.

The second group, in which I find myself, became at some point more interested in the characters.  We wanted some closure.  We got a happy, if yet still confusing, ending.  I liked it.  I am content.  I enjoyed it.  I am “moving on” as they characters did.

In my recent faith journey, I have become less interested in answers.  I tired of long, back and forth discussions on Biblical topics about things which are mysteries and God really hasn’t revealed.  I am not certain and yet totally unconcerned about the end times: what exactly happens when we die, until the resurrection, the judgment and eternity.  I honestly don’t care.  It’s gonna be great for the children of God and bad for everyone else.

There is a lot of mystery involved with God, and we don’t like it.  We don’t want Mystery, we want answers. Well, God has given us some answers but there will always remain some mystery, maybe even throughout eternity.

This desire for answers, which is a personality/mentality in many, causes us to create charts and complex doctrines.  Preachers feel obligated to have a response to any question, whether it’s a good, Biblical answer or not.  I prefer to be honest and say, “I really don’t know, it could be either.”

I am losing interest in this way of Faith.  I am not denying Truth, or trying to get away from it.  There are plenty of things plainly revealed in the Word.  But I am learning to become content with some mystery, even ambiguity in my life and my Faith.

I am also reading and studying Ecclesiastes.  Gary Holloway has a great quote in his great book, “You can’t find the Meaning of Life by seeking the Meaning of Life.”  What he means is this: it’s about God.

At the same time I am trying to be more concerned with relationships.  Yeah, it’s a balance.  You can’t sacrifice Truth for the sake of relationships.

Where do you fit in?  Whether as a Lost fan or a Christian?

Are you more concerned in getting answers or in relationships.

Sure, I am making some generalizations, and getting close to stereotypes, but work with me.

Lost Finale Speculation, Poll, and an Awesome Video

First of all, for the Lost fans, you have to watch this: “It’s just a show but it feels like losing a friend”

Well, my favorite drama of all time is about to conclude.  Maybe it’s time for a TV fast.

I have enjoyed the ride.  I appreciate the Mystery.  I will try to be content with whatever happens Sunday evening.

I did want to offer some guess for how it might all end, just for fun:

  • Jack wakes up in bed with Bob Newhart and says he had a crazy dream.
  • The island turns out to be in a snowglobe and the stories all in the mind of a mentally handicapped child.
  • Jack is in the shower with Patrick Duffy and it was all a dream.
  • Jack and Kate are in a diner while Hurley is parking the car.  Don’t Stop Believin is playing.  Fade to black.
  • Everyone dies
  • Everyone comes back to life.
  • It all starts over with the crash of Oceanic 815.
  • A new plane crashes and Jack is the good guy while Sawyer or Ben is the new bad guy. Hurley, Sawyer, Kate and Miles are the new “Others”.

Or list your suggestion for how you think it will end and/or how you want it to end in the comments:

New Jack City (LOST)

What a great episode!  It was all about the changes that some of the main characters had made.  To me, that was the main stuff.  Little Ben’s injury was secondary.

Kate came back to find Claire. How many of you believe that?

Sawyer has matured enough to have a serious relationship and be responsible for others.

Even Miles seems to have matured some.  The dialogue between Miles and Hurley about time travel was hilarious b/c it mirrors all the blogs, fans, etc. who are having the same conversations.

I know I am in the minority by retaining my appreciation of Jack.  Kate didn’t like the new Jack (nor the old one, ouch, what a sad moment), but I do.  I actually like the new Jack.  Poor guy, when he was trying to save/fix everyone and everything, people were against him.  Now, he is laid back, he is in the middle of a conversion from being the Man of Science into a Lockian Man of Faith.  He even talks about how the island might “fix” things on its own.  His transformation is fascinating.  Too bad so many fans have been turned off by his character up to this point.  I imagine all the haters will jump on him just like Juliet did in the shower scene.

He seems to be at peace and now has an “island” focused purpose/destiny.  He is the Locke of Season 1.  He was broken and suicidal back in LA but now seems even to be content to play janitor for the Dharma Initiative.  I can’t wait to see what he does and if it is crucial to the story or not.