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“Snow Fatigue”

I am waiting for “snow fatigue” to be included in the DSM-IV so I can collect disability.

“Snow fatigue” is Cabin Fever’s lesser know cousin.  The more the news people talk about it, the more I want to punch them in the face.  Ironically, I would blame “snow fatigue” for the outburst.

Only some icy slush to mess with today but we still have plenty of snow on the ground from our December 26th blizzard that left 24 inches/2 feet and the weekly storms that followed.  I think they should start giving these storms names like hurricanes, except we should only give them ugly names.

I am trying to recall the joy and excitement of that 24 inches of snow back in December, but nothing is coming to me.

We have about 4 feet of snow accumulated in our yard from each of the “snow events” since that day-after-Christmas blast.  If you dig out there you should find strata like in the Grand Canyon.  There were a couple of 3-6 inch snows but then we had one that was a foot and last week we got over 15 inches.  All stacked up and shrunk.

What’s really crazy are the mounds of snow left by the plows.  At each intersection in our town, and pulling out of drives, you can’t see very well because of 4-5 feet high mounds of snow blocking the view.  Large stores like Wal-Mart, etc. have huge mounds of dirty snow two stories high. If you squint, you can pretend you are in the Himalayans.

Parking spaces are hard to find because the public lots have mounds in a few spots and the streets have too much snow.  Our town finally plowed some snow along the main streets so you could park without blocking traffic.  Many streets are practically single lane, which leads to more than a few lost sideview mirrors.

We have canceled one Sunday evening service, last Wednesday’s Bible Study and tonight doesn’t look good.

Then there’s the shoveling.  The plowing.  The blowing of snow.  The spreading of rock salt.  Then starting all over again each week.  I usually come in drenched with sweat although I have learned not to overdress.  Then I shower, but usually have to go back out at least a second time.  I have to alternate gloves because they get so wet.

At least I am getting some exercise.

I used to love snow.  Now…not so much.

Ready for the bugs, allergies, and mowing of Spring to get here.  I am ready to move on.

Snow Day!

We got 3-5 inches overnight.  Eva played outside a little this morning but the wind is blowing too hard to play outside.  Tomorrow should be a good fort/sledding/snowball day.

We are expected to get a few more inches this afternoon/evening as Blizzard conditions arrive (winds over 35 mph).

Eva making a snow angel:

our little angel

Wife just made some beignets.  Already played CandyLand with the kids and will be watching a movie soon, “Cars”, I think.

It’s really getting nasty outside now.  We already cancelled our evening Bible Study.

The trees were coated with snow this morning.  The wind has been blowing it off lately.

The final total is to be between 12-16 inches when all is said and done late tonight/early tomorrow morning.

Tulsa Tweets–a Retrospective in the medium of Micro-Blogging

Even though I made fun of John Dobbs for doing this very thing, I thought it might be fun to look back over the last few days by listing all my Tulsa-related tweets (note that they are in reverse order so start at bottom):

  1. kept introducing John Dobbs as “the middle-aged man I met on the internet” while at Tulsa
  2. is experiencing the post-Tulsa crash/let-down….mainly just worn out from travel and lack of sleep..

  3. @smetheny it was cool to see troy and chat a little at the workshop

  4. added even more Tulsa pics on Facebook

  5. added two new Tulsa related posts because I might be sleeping for the next day or so: http://blogprophet.wordpres… #ISSW

  6. is at home, typing up a summary of the theme/lectures to share with my congregation tonight, if I can still stand up and stay awake

  7. Landed safely in newark. The 15 mi drive home will be the dangerous part.

  8. Safe&Sound @ airport

  9. is up early, plane leaves at 7am. be home by lunch. church this evening. Guess I will be among the “providentially hindered” this morning.

  10. Family. Fellowship. Fun. Food. Friendship. Faith!

  11. Meant to say that Trey was the most humble Texan i know, not the first.
  12. Bloguncheon was a blast!

  13. Yikes! Big snow!

  14. Report on my preacher groupie ways at Tulsa: http://blogprophet.wordpres…

  15. is up early again. It didn’t snow much yet. Looking forward to another great (final) day in Tulsa. It has been a blessing so far. #isww

  16. Enjoyed a nice dinner w/ JD & Mags

  17. What? No chicken?!

  18. Mmmmmm…..KFC!

  19. belongs to JESUS!

  20. Tulsa is full of water & CoC folk-sooner or l8r, somebodys a gettin baptized

  21. Sacred gossip is still gossip-pat mead

  22. Poke that woman w/ a stick–mead

  23. Had lunch w/ morgans, dobbs, tuckers, pease, ogle

  24. Walling knocked it out of the park

  25. Got lost on the way but made it to hear atchley

  26. reported on Tulsa ISWW: http://blogprophet.wordpres… Great Day ahead of us! #ISWW

  27. Tulsa expecting snow Fri/Sat!

  28. “if Christianity is just your hobby, it’s a pretty lame hobby, take up golf.” Atchley

  29. is trying to avoid book sales

  30. JD is talking bout twitter

  31. John Dobbs is killing!

  32. Heard shank. Now john dobbs!

  33. is @ mem dr line 4 dinner

  34. is going to eat @ mem dr or garnett

  35. Hath arrived!

Finally!!!!! Snooooow!!!

We are up to five inches already at noon eastern time. I heard rumors that the expectation of a little warming which would lead to some rain and wintry mix has changed to all snow! Who knows how much we will end up with. I am going to plow a little today in case it snows a lot more and save snow blower for tomorrow. Cooooool!!!

(It is better if you click on them to see the entire picture.  I did center the first shot of 3 trees but the right part of the foto isn’t seen here)