NFL Picks for 2013 Season


East:  NE Pats

North:  Cleveland Browns

South:  Hou Texans

West:  Denver Broncos

AFC Wildcards:  Bengals, Colts

AFC Championship Game:  Broncos vs Bengals


East:  NY Football Giants

North:  DET Lions

South:  ATL Falcons

West: Seattle Seahawks

NFC Wildcards:  GB Packers, NO Saints

NFC Championship Game:  Falcons vs Lions

Super Bowl:  Denver Broncos over the Detroit Lions



So glad it’s baseball season. Only one week away!  It’s laid-back.  It’s only slow and boring if you feel you have to watch every pitch.  Just enjoy it in the background.  I do a lot with the Mets games on the radio.  Here are some picks and predictions:

Division Winners

NL West:  SF Giants
NL Central:  Cincinnati
NL East:  Atlanta Braves
NL Wildcards: Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals

NL MVP:  Justin Upton
NL CY Young:  Jordan Zimmerman
NL ROY: Travis D’Arnaud

AL West:  Seattle Mariners
AL Central:  Detroit Tigers
AL East:  Tampa Bay Rays
AL Wildcards:  KC Royals, TX Rangers

AL MVP:  Adrian Beltre
AL CY Young:  Felix Hernandex
AL ROY:  Jonathan Schoop

World Series

Washington Nationals over the Tampa Bay Rays


There have been many interesting and thought-provoking things being written about how we are reacting to Denver Bronco QB  Tim Tebow and his faith, and public expression of it.  They will provide some insight into our culture.

Chuck Klosterman usually writes about pop culture but his insight it American culture in general is very interesting.

A great point from a non-believer from Fox Sports:  Why do we Hate Tim Tebow

Rick Reilly compares and contrasts Tim Tebow with Tom Brady in advance of the Broncos/Patriots game this Sunday

the Wall Street Journal has covered the Tebow excitement many times:

God’s Quarterback

What Tim Tebow Can’t Do

Denver’s New Favorite Mensch

Ahhhhhh……the NFL (including Picks)

I suppose I should have made my picks on Friday at the latest but was tired and busy.  Then, our TV goes “kerplunk” on opening weekend for football.  Not that I have much time in the afternoon, after all, I work some on Sunday.  Sunday Night Football, though, is a great way to end a busy day.  I am worn out (mainly because I am an introvert) and falling asleep on the couch to football is so relaxing.

Plus, Jets against the Cowboys is a great game.  I am not a huge Jets fan but like to root for local teams (excepting Yankees in baseball).  And….I love to root against the Cowboys.  It’s a sign of love for my friends.  There are so many Cowgirl fans and I know so many, that I love it when they fail.

I was listening to the radio last night and loved it.  Assumed the Jets would lose.  They should have lost.  The main difference (besides luck) is that the Jets have won a few comebacks/close games in the last two seasons, as well as playing some tight playoff games.  Dallas, with all their talent haven’t done much of that.  Poor Romo.

Anyway, my picks:



Green Bay Packers


Philly Eagles


New Orleans Saints


Arizona Cardinals

Wild Cards:   Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons



Pittsburgh Steelers


Tennessee Titans


New Jersey Jets


San Diego Chargers

Wild Cards:  New England Patriots, Houston Texans

There are surprises each season.  I took some risks for fun.  Who do you expect to make the playoffs?

Labor Day, Week, Month

I have been busy, but having fun, too.

Last night’s game in Philly was awesome.  I got to see one of the best pitchers of the last 15 years plus one of the best young pitchers go at it an a K duel.  Plus, I saw the second coming of Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams, Brad “Lit Up” Lidge struggle through another save opp.

The best part of the game was the company.  Ken and Joe were born and raised in Philly.  They love their sports teams.  I’m the guy without a Phillies cap on:

Ken, Steve, Me, Joe
Ken, Steve, Me, Joe


World famous journalist, Bobby Ross, Jr. arrives in town later today.  I look forward to visiting some this evening.  He will be in the city Saturday and Sunday covering the Northeastern Lectureship hosted by the Harlem Church of Christ.


Tapestry of the Times is an awesome podcast of great old music.  I listened to an ep that had Leadbelly, Chilean folk music, Woody Guthrie, coal mine songs, and more. Free podcast with great music.  They have the Smithsonian music archives as a source.


I am beginning a series on the Minor Prophets this Sunday.  Monday is church picnic day.  Tuesday is my day-long leadership class.  I thought things would slow down after VBS.  Maybe by the end of the year, things will be calm.

What are you up to?

Hope you have a great weekend and a GREAT week-beginning with the LORD!