An interesting quote

I don’t fully understand it so I am not promoting anything, just found it interesting and wanted to share:

“A good story and a well-formed argument are different natural kinds. Both can be used as a means for convincing another. Yet what they convince of is fundamentally different: arguments convince one of their truth, stories of their lifelikeness. The one verifies by eventual appeal to procedures for establishing formal and empirical truth. The other establishes not truth but verisimilitude.”

–Jerome Bruner


Breathing Under Water, Chapter 9 , (Rohr)

“Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.”  Step 9 of the 12 Steps

Remember, Jesus said “Follow me” and never once said, “worship me.” The sad result is that we have many “spiritual” beings when the much  more needed task is to learn how to be true human beings.

Full humanness leads to spirituality by the truckload.

It takes seven to ten years, they say, for a married couple to begin to learn how to fight fairly.

Just because it is factually true, does not mean everyone can handle it or even needs to handle it.  (DISCERNMENT!!! brian)

Gossip is not a right but a major obstacle to human love and spiritual wisdom.

Truth is not just factual truth (the great mistake of fundamentalists), but a combination of both text and context, style and intent. (this may sound postmodern wishy-washy, but he continues to cite the falsely accused and imprisoned. “truth” is not always truth.)

Even sincere people can do a lot of damage with information that they are not prepared to handle, and often make rash judgments that are not true or helpful.

(not from this book but a verse I have always liked:

“a truth that’s told with bad intent,beats all the lies you can invent”)

No Pain-No Gain

This motto for exercise applies across the board, doesn’t it?

We recognize it and get upset when well-meaning people try to make things too easy.  We see this problem the most in raising and teaching young people.

When the schools promote everyone by lowering the standards, we feel that the kids are cheated.

When everyone gets a “participation” award for just showing up, we feel the kids don’t learn competition and hard work.

If High School Basketball lowered the rim to 9 feet, there would be an outcry.

Parents who pay for everything and don’t make their kids do chores or work…

Parents who don’t let kids experience the hard consequences of their actions……

Kids won’t learn responsibility, work ethic, etc. and will expect things to be easy.  They will become accustomed to an easy life.

In society, in general, we are averse to freebies, handouts, etc. to the unemployed.  We don’t want to make it too easy for them. Lotteries and get-rich schemes are recognized for what they are by the wise.

But when it comes to living our faith in America, why do we throw all of that out the window?

We want it easy for our kids (and adults) to practice their faith in school, the sports fields, and public mediums.

We don’t want other religions or worldviews presented to our kids (or adults) on TV or in schools–only the Christian one.

We want them to be able to pray aloud, publicly, with government approval, whenever and where-ever.

We want visual reminders, whether crosses or the 10 commandments, readily visible at all times.

We want a “government-given” freedom to be able to talk about God and Jesus
without any teacher, friend, or boss questioning, insulting or prohibiting us,
even though we already have a God-given obligation.

We want them to have it easy.  We want the standards lowered by the government.

We want it easy for ourselves.

We don’t want to grow through trials, but to have a pseudo-Christian bubble in which to live our faith.

What if God told you, “there are no easy streets,” and “Anyone who wants to live all out for Christ is in for a lot of trouble; there’s no getting around it.”?  Because He did.

No Pain–No Gain.  It’s a Truth that we accept in all situations……..except………