Me and David Letterman

Maybe it was 5th grade. I was 10-11 years old. Our local affiliate was NBC and maybe it was during the annual telethon but I got a grey “Late Night with David Letterman” T-shirt that I loved. I wish I still had it. I was with my mom and maybe we bought two.

I remember a girl picking on me in 6th grade, while in lunchroom for my Letterman t-shirt. By the next year, when we were all in middle school, she and everyone else thought it was cool.

I had, let’s call it an “unusual” childhood. What I mean is that I watched Late Night with David Letterman when I was in elementary school. It was probably mostly in Summer time, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we also watched it during the school year, and more than Friday nights. Staying up late watching TV and/or movies with my mom was common.

I remember the dancing waters, the grumpy clown smoking his cigar, the Top 10 lists. Dave’s goofy grin, the way he played with his suit coat, Chris Elliot, Larry “Bud” Melman, dropping watermelons and TVs and whatever else off of the top of a building. It was always fun and funny.

I, too, wanted to be David Letterman.

Admittedly the last few times I watched was because of insomnia and I was also trying to make it all the way to hear at least Craig Ferguson’s monologue, but he’s still good. And that’s been a few years.

I am a nostalgic kind of guy. I listen to Nirvana’s Unplugged every year on the anniversary of Cobain’s death. I remember Reggie Lewis, Nintendo, and MTV fondly.

I am nostalgic about this (totally non-important) pop culture milestone.


Ranking the Qubo Cartoons

We have had our digital TV over a year now and there are two great things that we didn’t expect about it.  We pick up two all-day cartoon channels.  For people who don’t have and do not intend to pay for cable, that’s exciting.  There is a second PBS channel that shows PBS cartoons all day, plus a Qubo channel.

Qubo is now on Saturday mornings on NBC as well.  Our kids love it.  And most of the cartoons promote good behavior/ethics.  I am going to rank for your benefit some of my favorites.

Tier 1–Some that I Like

Miss BG is probably the favorite of our kids.  It’s about a girl who is always getting in trouble.  She is much more real than say, Elizabeth from Clifford.  She has a little brother who has a pet gerbil who often sits on his head.

3-2-1 Penguins is a show that focuses on behavior.  And it’s very entertaining.   The characters are funny and the theme song is awesome.  They have great villains, such as the hamster thing that controls a giant metal robot.

Babar is fantastic! I never read the books or saw Babar cartoons growing up but it is such a peaceful cartoon with great characters. There are even two time periods represented, Babar as a child and Babar as adult (very Lost-like).

Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse is great.  Maybe at the top of my list.  The characters are funny:  the grouchy tiger, the whiny, scared pig, and Marvin is a great lead.

I have rarely watched Turbo Dogs but love that someone was finally smart enough to combine two of my sons favorite things into one show.  The next best thing is Dinosaur Train (not sure which channel), which combines the two other favorite things of my son (and little boys everywhere).

Another favorite of mine is Jacob Two-Two.  Based in Canada (as many of the qubo shows seem to be, or of European origin: Rupert=British, Babar=french influence), it’s about a boy and his adventures.  The dad is great in that one.

Sitting Ducks is hilarious.  It’s about a duck and an Alligator who are best friends but live in Duck Town.

Rescue Heroes is pretty cool.  It’s kinda like G.I. Joe for natural disasters and teaches safety.  The only downside is that the characters have punny/cheesy names:  the fireman is Billy Blazes, the pilot is Ariel Flier, etc. Rocky Canyon

Another great show for teaching is Adventure from the Book of Virtues, which occasionally includes Bible stories along with fables and myths to teach morals

Tier 2–Haven’t really watched and am therefore Indifferent

Postman Pat

Elliot Moose


My Friend Rabbit has a great song, but after that, I am not interested.

Tier 3–Some I don’t like as Much

Zula Patrol is very educational, teaching about astronomy, but not as fun for adults.  On the boring side.

Pecola is about a cube-shaped penguin in a cube-shaped world.  The theme song always makes me think of the “I dream of Jeannie” theme song although my wife continually tries to explain the difference to me.

Rupert annoys me for some reason.  I can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t like the British bear living in an animal/human world.

So, what are your favorite Qubo cartoons?

Lost Memories and Poll

Tonight’s the NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

One Link I saved till today.  Seasons 1-5 summed up in 8 minues, 15 seconds (if you don’t get the 8 mins/15secs you are not a true fan).  It will catch you up for tonight.

I hope you weren’t expecting some melancholy, poetic remembrance.  I really just want to think about my favorite eps, moments, lines from the Lost TV show in honor of the premiere of the 6th and Final season which airs tomorrow night.

  • Season 1 Episode centering on John Locke, where he wakes up on the beach and the final scene “walkabout” travel office reveals he was crippled before arriving:  “DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO!!”
  • For some reason, all of Kate’s flashbacks.
  • Sawyer’s ep from season 1 when we learn the truth about the letter HE wrote.
  • Season 1 finale when Walt was taken from Michael and Sawyer. (and when Sawyer kills Tom in the season 3 finale, “That’s for takin the kid off the raft”)
  • When the light comes on in the Hatch the first time, while Locke is yelling and beating on it.
  • Desmond’s first episode and Flashes Before My Eyes, when he travels back in time after the hatch implodes
  • The Tailenders arc, before we knew who they were.
  • Juliet showing Jack the end of Game 7, Sox winning the World Series.
  • The shock when Locke, Sayid, and Kate see Jack playing football with Tom/Smiley at the others’ camp.
  • Desmond eps: when they don’t push the button and when he talks to Penny in the present and in the past at the same time.
  • “Not Penny’s Boat!”
  • Charlie’s Greatest Hits
  • “Why is it so hard for you to believe?!”  Why is it so easy for you?!” Touche’!
  • Of course, the shock of Jack and Kate in a flash-forward. “KATE, WE HAVE TO GO BAaAaACK!!!”
  • Sayid’s flashforwards doing Ben’s work, in James Bond mode.

What are some of your favorite moments, scenes, and episodes from seasons 1-5?


What are you expecting to happen to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley after the bomb was detonated by Juliet?

Another Poll is coming tomorrow!