Snow Day!

We got 3-5 inches overnight.  Eva played outside a little this morning but the wind is blowing too hard to play outside.  Tomorrow should be a good fort/sledding/snowball day.

We are expected to get a few more inches this afternoon/evening as Blizzard conditions arrive (winds over 35 mph).

Eva making a snow angel:

our little angel

Wife just made some beignets.  Already played CandyLand with the kids and will be watching a movie soon, “Cars”, I think.

It’s really getting nasty outside now.  We already cancelled our evening Bible Study.

The trees were coated with snow this morning.  The wind has been blowing it off lately.

The final total is to be between 12-16 inches when all is said and done late tonight/early tomorrow morning.


3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. NB

    Sixteen inches? Oh, man! I don’t want any of that!
    Eva looks so grown up! How old is she now?
    Love the big, snowy tree picture!
    I guess I’ll ask, because I don’t know – what, exactly, is a beignet?

  2. b

    eva turned 4 a few months ago.
    and a beignet is a french donut type thing, popular in New Orleans.
    I am heading out to run the snow blower soon, no playing yet, just working in the snow

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